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1 an official doorkeeper as in a courtroom or legislative chamber [syn: usher]
2 the lowest of the minor Holy Orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church [syn: ostiary, ostiarius]
3 someone who guards an entrance [syn: doorman, door guard, hall porter, porter, gatekeeper, ostiary]

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  1. The person in charge of an entryway, sometimes just a doorman, sometimes something more.
    • 1920, Willa Cather, ''Youth and the Bright Medusa.''
      The manager at Carnegie Hall was told to get another usher in his stead; the doorkeeper at the theatre was warned not to admit him to the house; and Charley Edwards remorsefully promised the boy's father not to see him again.

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A doorkeeper, also known as doorman (plural doormen), is someone who is posted at, and often guards, a door, or by extension another entrance (specific similar terms exist, e.g. Gatekeeper, Hall porter)
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